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ApkPure.Com,一个专业下载谷歌市场内软件的辅助网站。APKPure 客户端为该网站出品,用户无需安装谷歌商店,只需要输入安装包名或软件名称,无需科学上网,即可得到最新版下载地址!当您遇到应用下架或线路问题时,还有对于没安装谷歌应用商店的人来说是个很实用的工具,可以说下载谷歌软件不求人!


ApkPure 新版变化

2017-10-31 v2.3.1

- Tags can be added and edited to make game&apps be more discoverable by other APKPure users.

- View YouTube gameplay videos or app tutorial video clips in APKPure Mobile AppStore.

- Support viewing user’s Profile Picture in Full Screen Mode.

- Newly Support sharing Comments and every moments with friends and followers.

- Discussion groups support GIFs auto-playing.

- Add Data Saver Mode. Especially for users who have no wifi connections.

- Attribute label for each applications, whether contains Ads or in app-purchase items.

ApkPure 修改内容:

by Balatan


- Ads Removed;

- Analytics disabled;

- Sponsored banner layout removed;

- All ads and services calls from Activity removed;

- All ads banner layout in tablet mode removed;

- Native appwall + mopub ads banner layout removed;

- No auto shortcut install;

- Fix APKPure App Bugs causing crashes or freezing (hanging) on Android.

- Minor bug fixes.