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ApkPure.Com,一个专业下载谷歌市场内软件的辅助网站。APKPure 客户端为该网站出品,用户无需安装谷歌商店,只需要输入安装包名或软件名称,无需科学上网,即可得到最新版下载地址!当您遇到应用下架或线路问题时,还有对于没安装谷歌应用商店的人来说是个很实用的工具,可以说下载谷歌软件不求人!


ApkPure 新版变化

2017年12月08日 v2.4.1

- Newly support uploading and sharing apk packages in APKPure v2.4.1

- Adding and editing your APKPure profile information.

- View all the Favorite (collections) list by other APKPurers.

- Delete individual search history results.

- APKPure supports the latest Android 8.0 O reo better.

- Fatal bugs fixed which caused battery drain problem on Android device.

- Fix APKPure App Bugs causing crashes or freezing (hanging) on Android.

- Update Arabian, Brazilian Portuguese and Khmer language. Special thanks to Mohammad shaban Azzouz, رمزي السلامي, ប៉ុកណូ រ៉ូយ៉ាល់ and Igor Ferrare, etc.

- APKPure Account login error bug fixes.

- Internet Connection Error bug and some minor bug fixes.

- Improve download speed and stability.

Note: Please help APKPure to report download problems with required info

1. Internet connection environment.

2. Problem download resources.

3. Tried any faster download tools? If yes, tell us their names. Thanks!

2017-08-15 v2.0

- 全新LOGO,全新应用图标;

- 新增页面:首页、排行、小组、我的;

- 新增分类导航:新品应用、新品游戏;

- 原有分类导航:应用、游戏 改为 热门应用、热门游戏;

- 应用详情页面新增收藏、关注菜单。(需要登录);

- 跟随游戏和应用程序组,并轻松访问您最喜爱的组;

- 我的界面新增:我的消息,我评论,我的收藏、我赞过的评论;

- UI设计优化、错误修复、性能改进、提供土耳其语翻译;

ApkPure 修改内容:


by Balatan


- Ads Removed;

- Analytics disabled;

- Sponsored banner layout removed;

- All ads and services calls from Activity removed;

- All ads banner layout in tablet mode removed;

- Native appwall + mopub ads banner layout removed;

- No auto shortcut install;