Android移动平台最佳文件管理器 - RE管理器 最新破解版

安卓平台最强大的ROOT权限文件管理利器:RE管理器现已更新至v4.1.1,新版最近加入了Magisk v6、PHH Superuser支持。4.0版以后采用了全新的Material Design设计风格,支持Android 5.0、6.0、7.0。

RE管理器 最新破解版

Android移动平台最佳文件管理器,没有之一!RE管理器 Root Explorer,支持原生简体中文,支持新建文件夹,多种文件格式查看/编辑文件,权限管理、蓝牙文件发送等,具备普通文件管理器所有功能。

RE管理器 最新破解版

Root Explorer 4.1.1新版变化

New preference for enabling or disabling automatic launch when a USB device is connected

• By default, automatic launch for USB devices is now disabled. Although it can be easily enabled in preferences. This is mainly because on the Galaxy Note 4 the app was launching on every reboot because it received a USB connection message even though no USB device was connected. This appears to be caused by a glitch on the Note 4 but must have been very annoying so sorry for that!