免费视频压缩软件 - Free Video Compressor 最新汉化版/中文版

Free Video Compressor是一个用户友好的和可靠的免费视频压缩软件,其主要目的是帮助你缩小你的电影,为了使它更容易为你上传,存储在您的计算机或运输在便携式存储设备。


Free Video Compressor软件特色:

1.First of all, the most important option is "Desired Video Size". After software open a source video, it will read and show key video information, such as: File Size, Bitrate, Duration, Video Format, Video Bitrate, Audio Format, Audio Bitrate and Video Dimension (Width / Height), then software will calculate an estimated output video size, that is "Desired Video Size". This desired video size is approximate value, resulting file may be smaller or larger than this size, you can change this value as you need. (Bitrate information is displayed as KB/S, KB/S = kiloBits/second).

2.The genERAted video format is MP4 container format with H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec. The encoding video quality is based output file size, output file size is more bigger and resulting video quality is more higher and more clearer.

3.Furthermore, in order to get a smaller result, software also supports some useful compression options. Firstly, you can change output audio bit rate, because audio content will occupy some file space, you can set a smaller bit rate to reduce file size, or simply set audio quality as "No Sound", then output file will only include video content (silent). Secondly, by using "Cutting" options, you can choice a part of video, set a start time and an ending time, you can easily convert and compress a part of video. Finally, if you want to customize output video dimension or aspect ratio, you can use "Scaling" option, video dimension (width and height) must be divisible by