安卓root后最强神器 - Xposed Installer 最新正式版

安卓最强神器Xposed框架现已更新至v90 Beta3,新版终于支持Android 8.0!v88全面兼容Android 7.0/7.1.2以及三星Galaxy S7/8/S8等设备。Xposed相信安卓玩家都很熟悉,这款神器级软件堪称安卓平台上的Cydia,它被誉为安卓root后最强神器!App可利用Xposed模块实现诸多功能,比如微信消息防撤回等。



Xposed for XDA论坛发布地址

2017-01-30 Xposed Installer v3.1.5 + Framework v90-beta3

TIt seems that more and more people get nervous about whether (and when) there will be Xposed for Nougat or not, so I felt I should say something.

Why does it take that long? Because with every release, I try to ensure that Xposed integrates nicely with the improvements in the new ART version. The step from Lollipop to Marshmallow wasn’t huge. It was an evolution, some things even made it possible to integrate Xposed in a more elegant way. On the whole, it was mainly careful porting than rather innovating.

With Nougat, something fundamental has changed. If you’re using Nougat already, you’ll have noticed that installations are much faster now. That’s because APKs aren’t compiled immediately (AOT), but start in (slower) interpreting mode. Sounds bad, but they have enabled JIT, which will quickly compile those methods that are used very often. That will restore the well-known and constantly improving performance of native code. Besides that, ART keeps a list of these frequently used methods (“profiling”). When the device is idle, it finally does the AOT compilation, but based on the profiling data. After that, you get the great performance right after starting the app. JIT is still waiting in case the usage patterns change, and I think it will also adjust the profile and improve the AOT compilation.

2017-01-08 v90 Beta


2017-12-17 Xposed-v89 Final



2017-10-30 Xposed Framework v88.2 Final


修复了一些三星ROM无限重启问题,特别是Galaxy Note 8

修复了一加 OnePlus 设备充电100%时的崩溃问题(应该没太多人反馈)


全面支持三星 Galaxy S8/S8+/Note 8(Android 7.0)官方ROM

2017-10-08 Xposed Framework v88 Final

支持三星 Galaxy S7/Edge/Note 7(Android 7.0)官方ROM


Xposed Installer v3.x.x 支持 Android 5.0及更高版本

Xposed Installer v2.7.1/2.6.1 支持 Android 4.0.3-4.4.4

Xposed Framework by rovo89

SDK21 代表 Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

SDK22 代表 Android 5.1 (also Lollipop)

SDK23 代表 Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

SDK24 代表 Android 7.0 (Nougat)

SDK25 代表 Android 7.1.x (also Nougat)

SDK26 代表 Android 8.0

SDK27 代表 Android 8.1.0

SDK57 代表 Android 8.0 (Oreo)

xposed-uninstaller-xxxx 框架卸载包






Xposed 框架安装+模块激活+卸载方法

Xposed框架安装方法(Android 5.0+):

直接安装:安装打开 Xposed Installer,选择“安装/更新”的最新版,然后点“安装”会自动下载刷入。

手动安装:安装 Xposed Installer,下载适用您机型的 Xposed 框架刷机包,通过 Recovery 手动刷入。

建议:手动安装使用TWRP来输入!网盘内有TWRP App 去广告完整简体中文版。


安装好模块,打开 Xposed Installer -> 模块,然后启用需激活模块的复选框,正常重启后即可使用。



提示:MIUI专版建议先在Xposed安装器 -> 设置 ->“禁用钩子资源”然后再卡刷;

注:v89正式版支持Android 7.0 MIUI8/9 原版,小米6的MIUI9体验版貌似不支持?


Xposed Installer v3.1.5 官方版 + 修订简体中文版 / v2.7.1 / v2.6.1 官方版

Xposed Framework v90 Beta3 for Android 8.0+ 支持安卓8.0的终于来了!

Xposed Framework v89 Final for Android 5.0-7.1.x 几乎兼容所有的机型