手机应用绿化神器 - 绿色守护 最新官方版及特别版

手机应用绿化神器!绿色守护现已更新至v3.0 Build 3,绿色守护新版实验性功能现在主要支持适配Android 6.0以上系统,具有全新的无锁情况下自动休眠引擎,在非root用户权限下可以无缝实现自动休眠。

Greenify *ROOT* ,绿色守护,休眠进程和省电必备神器!最佳控制后台运行应用的利器,原生无广告,界面非常简洁,白色Holo风格,所有操作都可在主页完成;无需去重复清空内存,一旦加入休眠名单,那些应用就像吃了安眠药一样不再活跃;有着小巧,占资源少优势,非常适合低内存用户使用。


2016-11-15 v3.0.0 build 3

Some peculiar app wake-ups by system are now able to be cut-off.

Improved the stability, usability and performance of wake-up cut-off in non-root mode.

Cut-off action is not displayed any more if wake-up path is already cut-off.

The black-list of running state cheating is now working on Android 4.x~5.x, with more apps added.

2016-11-09 v3.0.0 build 2

· Black-list infamous running state cheating apps. (might be shown as “Working” previously)

· Disallow dangerous broad cut-off for wake-up from system.

· Improved the non-root wake-up tracking and cut-off.

· Fixed wake-up tracker and cut-off in Boost mode.

2016-10-31 v3.0.0 build 1

NEW: Wake-up cut-off now works in non-root mode! (only available on Android 4.4~5.x)

NEW: “Broad wake-up cut-off” – one cut-off for all similar wake-ups. (affecting more than 1 app, use with caution!)

“New user guide” for essential setup and feature introduction.

Fixed wake-up tracking on some Samsung stock and derived ROMs.

Fixed inaccurate foreground app state.

Tasker plug-in “Aggressive Doze Toggle” now works on Android 7 in non-root mode.

A powerful secret feature to be revealed. Stay tuned

2016.07.30 v2.9 Final

* NEW: “Doze on the Go” on Android 6.x (in two forms: non-root or Xposed). This feature was first introduced by Greenify beta, even before Android 7 Preview!

* NEW: Quick Action Notification.

* NEW: Troubleshooting section in setting, with non-root Wake-up Tracker.

* Aggressive Doze can now be enabled manually via USB-connected PC even if Doze is disabled in ROM.

* Improved app state detection on Android 6+.

* Improved compatibility with Android 7. (Aggressive Doze is not compatible yet)


by Jasi2169、Balatan、Kane(完整解锁捐赠版功能,Zipalign对齐优化)




1) 首先请删除所有之前的绿色守护版本和捐赠包!

2) 安装Greenify主程序,还要记得安装Xposed框架;

3) 启动Xposed点模块选Greenify,再点框架“安装/更新”重启手机!