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专业高清录屏软件Bandicam现已更新至v3.4.0.1227,3.0增加了摄像头、Xbox One/PS4、智能手机、IPTV、视频捕捉卡等外设屏幕录制功能。Bandicam现已支持DX12游戏录制及全新HEVC H.265视频编码。


Bandicam,游戏录制神器,视频录制利器,高清频录制专家,号称世界三大视频录制神器之一!Bandicam是一款由韩国开发的高清游戏及视频录制的电脑工具。它录制的视频文件不仅体积小,而且画质相当清晰,支持H.264预制高清,以较高的压缩率可录制超过分辨率高达2560×1600高画质视频(1080p全高清视频),录制的同时还可以添加个性化 LOGO到视频中,Bandicam支持bmp、png 、jpeg等格式截图。

Bandicam 3.4.0 更新日志

Bandicam is now able to add numbers to highlight steps of video tutorials.

Bandicam is now able to draw arrows with customized colors and sizes.

Improved the real-time drawing function.

– The real-time drawing feature can be used in a moving video.

– The drawing feature can be used when capturing images.

Added a new size preset (1920×1080) on the rectangle window.

Separated the FPS position hotkey and the FPS show/hide hotkey.

Improved the writing efficiency of PCM audio data with the .avi container.

Bugs fixed

RGB24 codec resulted in quality loss in the registered version.

External codec which supports RGB input such as MagicYUV, Lagarith, x264 resulted in quality loss.

Bandicam crashed when the smallest size was selected and the H264(CPU) codec was used in Screen Recording Mode.

Other minor bugs fixed.


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