专业垃圾清理工具 - SD Maid(SD女佣) 最新中文免费版

手机垃圾清理利器:SD女佣现已更新至v4.7.4 正式版,近期主要实现了Android 7.0兼容!现在的特别版都已去除了烦人的盗版及概述提示!手机使用时间一长,各种缓存数据和卸载软件所遗留的垃圾文件越积越多,如果不及时清理,不仅占用储存空间,也拖慢了手机的运行速度。不过SD卡上面的文件可不是刷机这么简单就能清除掉得,而且杀鸡焉用牛刀,这时候就该轮到SD卡清除工具大显身手了!

专业垃圾清理工具 - SD Maid(SD女佣) 最新中文免费版

SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool ,非常强大专业的储存卡垃圾文件清理工具,原生简体中文,原生无广告、其所带功能非常全,且清理占用空间软少,操作简便,手机SD卡垃圾清理安卓必备之利器!

专业垃圾清理工具 - SD Maid(SD女佣) 最新中文免费版

SD Mind 更新日志

SD Maid [v4.7.4] 30.05.2017


Improved: Translations.

Improved: Small code improvements.

Improved: Clutter database

Changed: The secondary storage setup can now be skipped after a few seconds (before you had to try granting permissionat least once).


Fixed: Crash when an app was uninstalled and SD Maid was working with stale data.

Fixed: Crash when sorting apps by name and an app had no name.


Removed: Filter for old WhatsApp backups. The SystemCleaner works best with files with unknown owners, in this case we know who owns the files (WhatsApp) so the AppCleaner is better suited this as it can check if an app is running or work with exclusions via packagename.


Added: Filter for old WhatsApp backups.

Added: Markers “.Trash” and “.trash” to the hidden caches filter.

Improved: WhatsApp sent/received filters. Added matching for “Animated Gifs”.


by Balatan